There’s a New USB in Town

How many USB cords do you have around the house right now? If you’re like many people, you have several of them already, so you likely have little interest in hearing about a new type of USB. But, this is a USB that you should get excited about and one that you’re sure to enjoy using far more than any that you have now. This new USB is called the Type C converter. The converter is available for purchase at, where you will find an assortment of affordably priced USBs to pick from, including the Type C.

What’s so great about the Type C?

A USB is a USB, right? Wrong! The new Type C USB proves that not all converters are created the same. This product has tons of extra and fun stuff that the traditional USB doesn’t have.  The biggest feature of this product is that it is universal so it is easy to use with many more products. This eliminates the need for the purchase of several cords, so you save money. But, that is only one of the awesome features that you find with the Type C USB cord. Another fun and fantastic feature is that it is easier to use than previous models. And, most people agree that as long as you’ve chosen a quality brand, the type is also far more durable.

No matter how many USB cords you have in your home now, you need the Type C cord. It is so easy to use, has the versatility that you want, and sells for a price that you cannot refuse. With so many awesome features, it is certainly an exciting product. What could be better? Now is the time to make the addition while it is fresh on your mind.